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Effectively cleaning the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system requires incredible innovation—and we are proud to offer that technology with the GentleWave® Procedure. 

 The GentleWave Procedure is a state-of-the-art alternative to standard root canal treatment. The ultra cleaning technology of the GentleWave Procedure is an advanced combination of fluid dynamics and a broad range of soundwaves that work together to reach into the microscopic spaces and remove bacteria, debris and tissue. The GentleWave Procedure is so effective at cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system, there's less chance of failure over time.

The GentleWave Procedure uses a minimally invasive1 protocol to access the infected root canal system, which means it is preserving more of the natural tooth and, in doing so, is helping to keep the tooth’s structure strong. With the GentleWave Procedure, we can also typically clean and fill the tooth in just one appointment,3 which may reduce the number of appointments required.  

Achieving an exceptional level of clean requires advanced endodontics—and that’s something we take pride in providing. Contact us today to discover the GentleWave Difference for yourself.

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Surgical Microscope

Each of our treatment rooms are equipped with a high-powered operating microscope.

The microscope is an indispensable tool. The increased magnification and illumination provided by the dental operating microscope allows Dr. Johnson to better visualize the very fine anatomical details typical of root canal systems.

These features include atypical root canal anatomy, additional root canals, calcified canals, fracture lines, recurrent decay and much more, all of which can impact the outcome of treatment.

At Foothills Endodontics all procedures are completed with the aid of the dental operating microscope.

CBCT 3D Imaging

CS 8100 3D system captures highly detailed 3D radiographs or X-rays. These true-to-life 3D images help us provide quicker and more accurate diagnoses; improved treatment planning; and better patient care.

By limiting the field of view to only the area of interest, patients experience significantly less radiation than when compared to traditional CT imaging.

An additional benefit of capturing digital images is that they’re available for almost immediate viewing and can be easily shared with referring doctors or insurance carriers, which means a quicker turnaround between diagnosis and treatment.


Digital Radiography

Digital radiographs are safer, faster, and diagnostically more useful in endodontics than conventional film x-rays. There is up to 80% reduction in radiation, compared to traditional film technology. Patient comfort is greatly increased by utilizing sleek and small, rounded, and beveled sensors. The resulting images are digital, allowing computer enhancement, enlargement, and evaluation, which greatly improve diagnostic and communication capabilities.


TDO Software

We use TDO Software as it is considered the best endodontic software available. It is used to manage all patient records and information and has comprehensive modules that make our office paperless, a great convenience for our patients and referring dentists.  The website integration allows our patients to securely access the site to complete the medical history and consent forms online before their appointment. The software allows our referring dentists to make referral and receive their patients’ reports and imaging through secured HIPAA compliant portal right after the patient is seen.  This technology enables us to diagnose and treat our patients more efficiently and to communicate more effectively with both the patient and referring doctor that is secured and HIPAA compliant.